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Spring / Summer 2016 Fashion


Spring has almost arrived and we’re eagerly awaiting for the summer, but are we ready for it fashion wise? If you’re into the latest fashion news, then you need to know the most important trends of the spring / summer 2016 fashion. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

# 1 Pajamas Are Back… on the Street

If you thought pajamas were out, well there’s some news for you. Pajamas are definitely in this upcoming fashion season, but this time on the street. And yes, we’re talking two pieces pajamas with pants and shirt, but this time from more precious materials such as silk or floral satins, deem of a diva.

# 2 The Slip Dress of the 90s

Another trend hit this spring/summer season is the slip dress that used to be pretty famous back in the 90s...

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