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High-Neck Blouse

The ladies’ high-neck blouse has made an impressive comeback for this upcoming fall and winter season. Its stylish versatility is what has made such a romantic garment one of the most highly sought after pieces for all women to include as part of their wardrobes. When worn, this classic gem has the uncanny ability to emanate feminine charm, visual depth and interest to virtually any outfit: with its intricate, yet elegant lines and tasteful style. And when donned with just the right pieces it will allow women the opportunity to showcase their unique personal styles.

For instance, ladies who want to add a bit of stylish flare to their business attire will greatly appreciate the powerfully feminine quality an elegant white polyester/cotton blouse with a high-neck collar inspires; especiall...

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Women’s Cape

With the recently popular caped-crusader trend making the rounds on both the big and small screens, it only makes sense to include this distinctive look as part of the list of influential fashion trends for this upcoming ladies’ 2015 fall and winter season. After all, what better way is there to accentuate a unique personal style, or to create a more powerful first impression than by sporting one of these fabulous one-piece garments?

The amazing part about donning one of these fluid pieces is that its presence can virtually transform even the most casual outfits into semi and/or dressy looks in an instant. Take for example, a sleek pair of black boot cut denims that’s worn with a forest green turtleneck cable knit sweater, and black leather ankle boots...

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Spring / Summer 2016 Fashion


Spring has almost arrived and we’re eagerly awaiting for the summer, but are we ready for it fashion wise? If you’re into the latest fashion news, then you need to know the most important trends of the spring / summer 2016 fashion. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

# 1 Pajamas Are Back… on the Street

If you thought pajamas were out, well there’s some news for you. Pajamas are definitely in this upcoming fashion season, but this time on the street. And yes, we’re talking two pieces pajamas with pants and shirt, but this time from more precious materials such as silk or floral satins, deem of a diva.

# 2 The Slip Dress of the 90s

Another trend hit this spring/summer season is the slip dress that used to be pretty famous back in the 90s...

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Exotic Animal Prints

exotic animal prints2

exotic animal prints2Leopard, cheetah, zebra and snake have been a few of the most popular animal prints that have made their presence known throughout the past women’s fashion seasons. Their eye-catching look and undeniable presence has always made dramatic fashion statements whenever they were worn. Throughout the years, the designs of these wild prints has ranged from precisely detailed graphics to muted barely there shapes. However, throughout this ladies’ fashion season there has been a creative merging of various combinations of the aforementioned styles: and as a result, there are a plethora of exotic designs for ladies to explore.

During this 2015 cold weather season a neutral palette is the order of the day...

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Hot Summer Trend Perfect For the Fall: Maxi Dress

Silhouette of a female fashion model

Silhouette of a female fashion modelIf you want to feel like an absolute chic and sophisticated women, then you have to have at least one maxi dress in your wardrobe. They’re so easy to style and they’re easy to wear. Just throw one on and go! It’s also very versatile in a way that you can go for day to night, indoor or out door event in a flash. Here are a few ways we love to style maxi dresses as a transition piece from summer to fall.

Before styling your maxi dress, ensure that the specific silhouette of the dress works with your body shape. Experiment with different styles and shapes. If you want to wear this style to a casual event, don your favorite maxi dress and wear a wedge sandal and you’re ready to perfect day time event.

You can also dress up a maxi dress by adding a blazer and rocking some killer pumps...

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The Basics on Basics

Nepali Model

You read on fashion sites and blogs about the importance of basics and why you should own them. But some ladies still don’t understand the purpose of having a stockpile of basic clothing in neutral colors.

Your closet should hold at least one version of every basic. These basics include:

  • Little Black Dress
  • White and Black T-shirt
  • Go-to Business blouse
  • Black flats
  • Black pumps
  • Black Slacks
  • Boot cut jeans; dark wash
  • Black Blazer
  • One (or two) killer necklace(s)
  • Classic Pencil skirt
  • Simple clutch or bag

Basics On Basics

Hopefully you have established or are establishing the perfect closet, starting with these basics. But what makes these so important? Well a great basic can go along way, that’s why investing in this one piece can save you money.

Let’s say you are going out with some girlfriends but don’t...

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Buying Cheap Designer Clothes Online

Fashion Model SilhouetteWhat does it take to dress well? Having lots of money? Well, that helps but most of all it takes organization, knowing yourself and your body and taking the time to get it right. Being well dressed is not about wearing the latest fashions; it is about knowing yourself and the styles that look best on you regardless of the latest trends. Keeping up with the latest trends is not only time consuming and costly but hard work.

The boom in online shopping comes as the traditional High Street had a mixed experience over the Christmas period.

While many companies, such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco, enjoyed excellent sales, others such as Next, Body Shop and HMV had a tough time.

HMV and fellow music retailer MVC have also complained about the impact of online sales on their businesses.

IMRG chief ...

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