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exotic animal prints2Leopard, cheetah, zebra and snake have been a few of the most popular animal prints that have made their presence known throughout the past women’s fashion seasons. Their eye-catching look and undeniable presence has always made dramatic fashion statements whenever they were worn. Throughout the years, the designs of these wild prints has ranged from precisely detailed graphics to muted barely there shapes. However, throughout this ladies’ fashion season there has been a creative merging of various combinations of the aforementioned styles: and as a result, there are a plethora of exotic designs for ladies to explore.

During this 2015 cold weather season a neutral palette is the order of the day. Dusty pastels of blue and lilac that combine with light to medium grey tones beautifully highlight subtle looks, and create a breath of fresh air during cold winter days. These colors are also the perfect hues to act as backdrops for sparkly all over asymmetrical black leopard and cheetah printed skirts, tops and apron style dresses; or as gradient designs with stifled snake and abstract zebra patterns that are printed on scarves and dress inserts. When these dynamic garments are donned to special occasions they will always stand out from the sea of basic black dresses.

Similarly, golden beige, light grey and cool white painted canvasses of plush fabrics that are splashed with refined black leopard and cheetah prints accentuate chic, lady-like styles. They also look fabulous when worn in full length dresses, flirty mini-skirts or sleek legging styles. When mixed with a smart black leather blazer and a pair of black heeled ankle boots, there isn’t any end to the stylish looks that can be created for casual and semi-casual wear.



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Just like the previous seasons, the classic animal prints have been reinvented for fall and winter 2014-2015. Thanks to the dramatic colors, shapes, prints and patterns of the most recent designs these dynamic prints have introduced a wide range of elegant and erotic looks for women to fashionably explore.

2 comments to Exotic Animal Prints

  • Karen T.  says:

    i LOVE animal print. I try not to get too much of it going at one time, because it can look bad, but once in a awhile I like to have it showing as part of my personality.

  • Ursula  says:

    Personally, I am not much for this trend, but some people can really pull it off. To each their own!

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