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The dream to become a fashion designer can be difficult, but a focused mind and a passionate heart will triumph over any obstacle that may come. Ever since 9-11 happened in New York city, up and coming designers have had the arduous task of starting over due to big financial loss. As fun and glamorous as fashion claims to be, when you get behind the scenes you realize that ultimately it’s a business.

The cost of being creative and making your visions come to life can leave you satisfied spiritually or penny-less. These are trying years for the young designer, but luckily there is hope. Ana Wintour, editor at large for Vogue magazine, has created various programs with the intent of encouraging new and upcoming designers. Aside from Ana Wintours philanthropic pursuits, fashion designers should do their part in aiding to save fashions future too.


The difference between designers of yesteryear and the designers of today is simply unity. Back then Bill Blass, Diane Von Furstenberg, and even Calvin Klein made genuine efforts to connect with fashion designers and help promote one another. The designers of today lack that unity. It seems that competition reins supreme over nurturing their industry. As a creative individual, if competing is what drives you, then you definiltty wont get far. As a designer, sharing your gift with the world and giving back should motivate what you do, not your ego. It’s no wonder the designers of the past have such longevity. It’s because they strived to keep fashion alive by helping one another. Designers should be aware of that fact. The reality is; Anna Wintour can only do so much. For fashion to survive, designers have to start caring about nurturing the industry as well as each other.

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  • Molly  says:

    I think it is so important in any business as it is in fashion to work together in a collaborative environment. As designers can bounce ideas off each other and really learn. This was a great article that means a lot to those looking to work together.

  • Julia  says:

    Very good points that you make here about fashion designers.

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