Summer Fashion Transitions


summerfashionThe summer season is here making trends easy to wear and easy to pull off. Splurging on new items this late in the game can be a tough decision. Fall is marching behind summer and finding the right pieces that are office appropriate and mesh together with the seasons make for a tricky end of the summer wardrobe additions. To ensure you’re stretching your budget and keeping your wardrobe versatile for the upcoming season read To find out how to purchase smart and layer successfully your wardrobe can sashay your late summer fashion finds in fall.

Pastel Pleasure

Consider investing in a gorgeous and trendy pastel jacket. Colors like purple, mint green and ivory are excellent base colors to pair with almost everything. Stay warm in the cool office air without channeling fall coats. To pull off the pastel jacket go with something cotton and longer for the true transition into fall territory. Layer with a white summer dress, heels, a bag that is to die for and you’ll roll into meetings refined and radiant.

Crop Top Style

Crop tops are huge right now and although this trend began in the spring it easily transitions into summer and fall with beautifully done layers. To leave the crop top in full effect in summer transition the look into fall by going with a neutral color cropped top such as flint grey, white skinny jeans, chic loafers and bright accessories. To make this look work for the office go with layers and wear a turtle neck underneath your crop top paired with a pleated skirt and chunky cut out booties and accessories that are a bit subdued yet edgy.

Into The Pinstripe

Layers are key to pulling off mid-summer trends that easily free flow into fall and splurging on a cute and chic pinstripe tunic is the perfect addition to your mid-summer wardrobe. Find something that has a length and can easily be worn on its own paired with a sexy set of peep toe heels and a statement bag. For a layered look, pair your pinstripe tunic in blue with borrowed from the boys slim pair of trousers and some laid back slip-ons. To top off the look add a must-have trench, flats and a chic shopping tote that is both functional and fabulous.

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2 comments to Summer Fashion Transitions

  • Roseanna  says:

    Pastels were never really my thing. Crop tops on the other hand, those I can deal with very easily. They seem to fit my tall, slender body style very well!

  • Maddie  says:

    Nice! Summer is coming to a end, but good to keep in mind for next year, right?

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