The Turtleneck Sweater


11546056393_9646559195_oAccording to fashion statistics and trends the turtleneck sweater is back. Of course, some still prefer a low-cut neck better than the turtle neck, especially men… Still, the fall/winter season of 2014 has clearly reinforced the idea that the turtleneck sweater is back and this time is “in for the kill”. The turtleneck sweater is just one element of the return of the true knitwear trend, which kind of comes back every year when winter approaches and we want to feel safe and cozy about the way we dress.

The immediate question that arises is how to wear a turtleneck and look sexy at the same time, because this is what women want: to be trendy and sexy at the same time. Well, first of all, don’t just stick to a plain old turtleneck sweater, there’s a better option called the turtleneck sweater dress, that’s even more chic, versatile and give you that sexy feel. This means one thing, girls: leggings! Yes, leggings, you’ve heard me right. What sexier look than an oversized turtleneck sweater or (even better) a knit turtleneck sweater dress and a pair of skinny fit leggings underneath to offer the eye of the viewer just a glimpse of that sexy figure of yours? Combine this look with a pair of UGGs and not only that you’ll feel warm and good, but also sexy and ready to conquer the world.

Although the turtleneck sweater it’s been with us, like for centuries, and some consider it outdated or simply boring, it comes with at least two big advantages that we cannot ignore. First of all, it covers your body all the way up and it doesn’t let the cold weather outside sneaking in, especially not around your neck. It’s like wearing a sweater and a circle scarf at the same time. And circle scarves are such a trendy item! Second of all, fall and winter seasons might not be the sexiest ones, but the turtleneck sweater does make you look sexy if you combine it properly with other clothing items and keeps you warm and nice. How about that?

Let’s not mention that Marni, Preen and many other big fashion houses have all reintroduced the turtleneck sweater to their runway collections for fall 2014, so it must be a trend to consider. Chunky, thin, solid or patterned, turtleneck sweaters are back reminding us about style embraced by personalities such as Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy. My advice to you is “Do not be afraid to wear the turtleneck sweater this season”. It’s in and it’s here to stay, so get the turtleneck sweater back into your wardrobe, girls!

Photo by clarissa pearce.

2 comments to The Turtleneck Sweater

  • Maddie  says:

    I am obsessed with the turtleneck sweater trend! I have seen Taylor Swift wear it a few times, and maybe it’s just because she looks amazing in virtually everything, but it made me want to try it for myself. So cute!

  • Karen T.  says:

    I think this look IS a sexy look. I am not sure what it is, but a turtleneck sweater is always one that grabbed my attention as I see it on the streets.

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