Women’s Cape

With the recently popular caped-crusader trend making the rounds on both the big and small screens, it only makes sense to include this distinctive look as part of the list of influential fashion trends for this upcoming ladies’ 2015 fall and winter season. After all, what better way is there to accentuate a unique personal style, or to create a more powerful first impression than by sporting one of these fabulous one-piece garments?

The amazing part about donning one of these fluid pieces is that its presence can virtually transform even the most casual outfits into semi and/or dressy looks in an instant. Take for example, a sleek pair of black boot cut denims that’s worn with a forest green turtleneck cable knit sweater, and black leather ankle boots. By simply adding a stylish six button charcoal gray jacquard cape to the mix, the previous casual Friday look is now ready to wear for after-hours drinks with friends.

Similarly, a classic long sleeve black and red belted wool sweater dress that’s paired with black hosiery, and a sleek pair of black leather pumps is the perfect attire to wear in the office. However, when this sophisticated look is adorned with a luxurious black fur accented cashmere cape, and then worn to a late night dinner and show, an elegant evening look has been seamlessly created.

The classic cape has always been a stylish garment for women to combine with the latest fall and winter fashion trends. During this season these simple designs have evolved into a wide array of fabulous colors, textures and shapes that will beautifully complement the cold weather’s dynamic ladies’ clothing and accessories.

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