Women’s Downsize Handbag Companions


handbagThe current women’s fashion trends are ripe with fabulous looks and amazing designs. Rich, vibrant hues in plush knit wear and classic wide-leg pants are just a couple of the popular styles to watch out for: as ladies prepare to fashionably dress for the arrival of the cold weather season. In order to complement these elegant garments there needs to be a selection of practical, smart and fashionable carryalls available for women to choose from. During this fall and winter, women have an impressive array of downsized handbags that will serve this purpose, while satisfying their every personal style need as well.

Especially designed for ladies who are constantly on the go, a smart and sassy cross-body purse is one of the must-have accessory pieces of the season. Apart from its neat and compact design, it’s the perfect carryall to use when only the bare essentials are required. When designed in the bright and bold tones of red, pink, orange, blue, green, purple and yellow this fashionable bag can be donned with everything: from a basic white blouse, classic black wide-leg pant and tall leather boots, to a sleek pair of jeans and a warm and toasty turtleneck sweater.
Women who enjoy expressing a more sophisticated style will no doubt appreciate the latest fine leather handbag designs. Created with a strong yet flexible structure, these accessory pieces beautifully showcase their smart metal frame tops and sleek zipper closures. Classic styles like the doctor bag (with its soft curvilinear form), as well as elegant square shape designs will seamlessly ramp up the style factor of any outfit with their mere presence and sharp looks. For instance, purses in neutral colors or vibrant animal prints can create stunning fashion statements when worn with a chic red dress. In contrast, smooth and/or nubby textures, dusty pink calfskin and gray flannel fabrics will beautifully highlight a sleek black dress, while subtly complementing contemporary looks.

Whether it’s for daytime work, night-time play or special occasions the type of handbag that a woman carries can literally make or break an outfit. Fortunately, during this 2014 fall and winter season the downsize handbag trends are the perfect style remedies to practically and creatively satisfy every woman’s fashion need.

2 comments to Women’s Downsize Handbag Companions

  • Maddie  says:

    Adorable bag! I love the glimmer and the shine, very good statement piece.

  • Karen T.  says:

    I go with a cross body style bag anytime I can. I am not sure why, but it might have something to do with the comfort and safety it provides me.

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