Feather Shoes – The New Craze

If you’re into shoes as me, then you have to see some of the wicked and fashionable shoes that

have created such a buzz through fashionistas but not only: the feather shoes. The feather

fashion trend started years back but in the autumn fashion season of 2014 has known its peak.

Feather skirts, coats, dresses and blazers were all very sought after fashionistas all over the

world. I have to say, feathered shoes is one the hottest shoe trend out there together with fur

shoes and eccentric designs. And thank God, there are plenty top shoes designers who have

created outstanding shoes for the spring/summer 2015 season worth mentioning. For the

spring/summer 2015, top designers such as Oscar de la Renta, MSGM, Etro, Dries Van Noten,

Charlotte Olympia and many more have all come up with ingenious shoes that combine feathers

or the idea of feather with other materials, such as leather, fringe, fabric tassels and ethnic

touches in unique and surprising creations. Oscar de la Renta’s spring 2015 feather-trimmed

heels are the hottest heel sandals at the moment. His sandals come in different colors but all in

pastel tones reminding us of the purity, cleanliness and innocence of spring. Speaking about

amazing summer 2015 footwear, MSGM has surprised us again with its latest spring-summer

collection of flats and ankle strap heeled sandals decorated with cobalt blue and fiery orange

feathers. They make great accessories for both elegant and casual outfits, spicing the look up

just a notch. Etro is another renowned fashion house that used feather and tassels to embellish

artsy sandals. Their turquoise blue feather-tie sandals are a great to couple with floral midi

summer dresses to enjoy a night out or a cocktail party. A brilliant shoe collection for the spring-

summer of 2015 is Charlotte Olympia’s. Her native Indian inspired Cherokee & Navajo pair of

sandals use the feather idea, the symbol of the Amerindians in unique, joyful and colorful shoes.

Lovely! Jeffrey Campbell’s ombre feather slide sandals Vogel are also another great example of

feathery flats; the kind of shoes you can wear when you go out grocery shopping with a maxi

dress and rock. Whether we’re talking about peacock feathers, shoes inspired by feathers or

ostrich feather shoes, this spring-summer season feather shoes are a must and if you want to

keep up with the trends, you need to have one!

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