Autumn/Winter Trends 2014/15



When you want to be fashionable and trendy all year around, you need to be aware of the latest fashion trends, what’s in and out and all that. Although it’s midsummer, every cool chic needs to be fully prepared for the season to come. Find out with us which are the most important autumn/winter trends for 2014/15 and get your wardrobe ready in advance. Let’s begin!

# 1 The Tunic

If you wish to wear the trendiest coat this autumn/winter season, then go for the tunic. Mid-thigh long, unicolor or embellished with patterns and prints, the tunic can be wore with pants or dresses, and of course, with the proper fashionista attitude.

# 2 Blanket Coat

Speaking of coats and overcoats, one of the hottest trends for the next season (besides the tunic) is the blanket...

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Summer Fashion Transitions


summerfashionThe summer season is here making trends easy to wear and easy to pull off. Splurging on new items this late in the game can be a tough decision. Fall is marching behind summer and finding the right pieces that are office appropriate and mesh together with the seasons make for a tricky end of the summer wardrobe additions. To ensure you’re stretching your budget and keeping your wardrobe versatile for the upcoming season read To find out how to purchase smart and layer successfully your wardrobe can sashay your late summer fashion finds in fall.

Pastel Pleasure

Consider investing in a gorgeous and trendy pastel jacket. Colors like purple, mint green and ivory are excellent base colors to pair with almost everything. Stay warm in the cool office air without channeling fall coats...

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This Seasons Accessory: the Pearl Necklace

pearl neclace

This seasons go to accessory is surprisingly the pearl necklace. Recently pearls have been seen on the runway shows of Chanel, and as accents on sweaters and tanks. They have been morphed,  and cut into creative designs in  various sizes. For example; huge faux pearls strung with gold wiring or even silver is quirky yet elegant. The term “granny pearls” is no more; this spring, designs are modern with a hint of classic elegance. The way pearls are styled has a modern twist as well. Tweed was the complimentary  fabric when dressing in pearls. The mundane neutral shades of tweed have been given a much needed update. Tweed fabric has now been tweaked with neon colors and cropped short cuts...

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Mind Your Shape

If you are searching for a way to wear something that actually fits your body understanding your body size and what looks best for your shape will go a long way in the style department. For most women figuring out what looks good and what doesn’t can be tough but minding your shape is the perfect way to accentuate your style.

Curves for Miles
Flaunt your curves and dress to impress by showing off body skimming pieces that put your hourglass figure in the spotlight. Try sheaths and peplum tops with anything that hugs those curves. A not too low neckline on your favorite top gives a flattering effect on fuller chests and adding a pencil skirt with clever piping or panel details will show off your nipped waistline and emphasizes your slim middle.

Full Hips and Lips
If you have full hips and wan...

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Laa Dee Daa

girl silhouettes

We can make it easy to carry out online boutique shopping in Australia

Among online shopping boutiques in Australia, selection at Laa Dee Daa is considered one of the very best. Whether you want some cute boots, a print skirt or a couture-inspired bracelet sent right to your door, they can do it right away. If you’re sick of looking for boutique dresses online and finding absolutely nothing that you like, then take a look at what they offer: you won’t find a wider selection at any fashion boutique online Australia wide. They have a huge range of boutique dresses online that suit any occasion – hitting the club, dinner with your friends or simply feeling fabulous at home.

What makes them different from other clothing boutiques online is that they truly care about fashion and their cu...

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Denim Fashion


Denim is one of the most versatile and fabulous fashion textiles in the world. Denim or jeans were only worn by construction workers back then. Now, it’s one of the most manufactured and manipulated fabrics in the world. There are so many ways to create fashionable works of art with denim. It can be ripped, dyed, stretched, blended, bleach, embellished, or just anything. This season, a very popular trend is sequined jeans. Boyfriend jeans with sequin on the pockets and seams have been trending heavily. Shredded denim with bedazzled studs in multiple colors is always a hot look. Since denim is primarily made of cotton it’s easier to blend it with synthetic fibers, which create very versatile variations. Stretch denim is the result of blending natural fabric with synthetic fibers...

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DIY Valentine’s Day: Hair accessories, clothing, decor & more [video]

I don’t have a Valentine this year so will you be mine? I will be yours if ya wantttt :)))) or not.. I won’t be offended LOL
Quote of the day:

A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself – and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That’s what real love amounts to – letting a person be who.. they really are.”
-Jim Morrison

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Fashion Trends For 2014

girl silhouettes

We’re already a “month deep” in 2014 and if there’s something chic ladies need to know by now is what are the fashion trends for this year. Thank God, most fashion designers have already released their Spring 2014 collections so that we can grasp the trends and make sure that we’re trendy enough ourselves. Let’s begin.

# 1 Exposed midriff

Perhaps the most blatant trend in women’s fashion for 2014 is the exposed midriff. So, yeah, we need to start Pilates, jogging, a new diet or everything else to be able to expose the sexiest part of our bodies. This means that in 2014 you have to take out the sexiness within you and shake it so that the whole world gets a glance at it. This has to be fun!

# 2 Icy Pastels

In terms of color trends, the fashion trend for 2014 are icy pastels...

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Ladies Love Shoes


Every woman loves shoes but do you have all the staples? Here are the 8 most important shoes a girl should own.

  • Black Boots: From over-the-knee to bootie you should have some type of black boot in your closet. It’s versatile so pair it with jeans, dresses, or skirts. They can function in both fall and winter or bust them out on a warmer evening on the town for an unexpected edgy look.
  • Ballet Flats: These shoes are essential to have. They are chic and can be paired with virtually anything! They are also great to have in case the heels become too much during the day.
  • Wedge: Wedges are great because they can be dressed up or down. They are easier to walk in than a typical heel and can carry you throughout you day with style. Wear to work with slacks or a party with a dress.
  • Canvas snea...
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Keep the Fashion Alive!


The dream to become a fashion designer can be difficult, but a focused mind and a passionate heart will triumph over any obstacle that may come. Ever since 9-11 happened in New York city, up and coming designers have had the arduous task of starting over due to big financial loss. As fun and glamorous as fashion claims to be, when you get behind the scenes you realize that ultimately it’s a business.

The cost of being creative and making your visions come to life can leave you satisfied spiritually or penny-less. These are trying years for the young designer, but luckily there is hope. Ana Wintour, editor at large for Vogue magazine, has created various programs with the intent of encouraging new and upcoming designers...

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