The Basics on Basics

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You read on fashion sites and blogs about the importance of basics and why you should own them. But some ladies still don’t understand the purpose of having a stockpile of basic clothing in neutral colors.

Your closet should hold at least one version of every basic. These basics include:

  • Little Black Dress
  • White and Black T-shirt
  • Go-to Business blouse
  • Black flats
  • Black pumps
  • Black Slacks
  • Boot cut jeans; dark wash
  • Black Blazer
  • One (or two) killer necklace(s)
  • Classic Pencil skirt
  • Simple clutch or bag

Basics On Basics

Hopefully you have established or are establishing the perfect closet, starting with these basics. But what makes these so important? Well a great basic can go along way, that’s why investing in this one piece can save you money.

Let’s say you are going out with some girlfriends but don’t...

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Choosing the Right Shoes for You

high heels

In a lady’s world there’s gentleness, lipstick and shoes and when you feel that something’s lacking, you buy a new pair, right? In fact, shoes are a lady’s best friend: they take you anywhere you want to go in style. And if you are among the lucky ones you’ll get there without pain or blisters on your toes. Choosing the right shoes is an art, not just a guess game, and if you haven’t yet mastered this game, be my guest.

# 1 A Shoes’ Purpose
Before using your check, you might want to ask yourself a few things...

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Tips for Buying Jewelry Online


These days, there’s no better and more comfortable shopping, than online shopping. And us, ladies love to shop for fashion online, whether it’s’ clothes, shoes and even more, for jewelry. You don’t have to worry they fit or they are ‘your number’, it’s only the style that matters. This is why, buying jewelry online is so much within reach and comfortable. Even more so, you’ll find a wider range of jewelries and other fashion accessories online than in stores and shops in a mall. With such a great variety, buying jewelry online is amazing! But there are a few things to pay attention to before you check out your jewelry cart filled with fashion jewelry. Let’s begin!

# 1 Buy from Trustworthy Shopping Websites

Well, as with anything, buying jewelry online has its ups and down...

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Celebrities Jewelry Trends


If you want to be always on top of fashion trends when it comes to jewelry and accessories in general, you need to take a look at the Hollywood celebrities, because they are the trend makers and breakers. Well, if you don’t have time to do your own research on celebrity jewelry trends and see what’s hot to wear, we’ve done this homework for you! Check out the hottest celebrity trends in accessories!

# 1 Statement Necklaces

Statement Necklaces

The biggest craze these days are the large, bulky, out-there statement necklaces. Why are they called statement necklaces? Because they are so obviously big and speak for themselves. Vera Wang and Kate Spade are among the fashion designers who designed amazing statement necklaces for celebrities such as Kelly Rowland and Eva Mendes.

# 2 Black and Gold

If there’s a...

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Sexy Shoes

Woman in stockings

high heelsWhat is it with sexy shoes? Why are they so popular today and why have they been popular for so long? Sexy shoes have a special place in the heart and soul of many people across the globe, but why?

To start with, a pair of high heels can instantly elongate the lines of the legs that can make the legs appear slimmer and create more elegant curves from the hip to the toe. I’ve also read that wearing high heel shoes can make the foot appear smaller than it actually is.

Additionally, high heel shoes alter the stance of the woman and this forces her breasts up and makes her derriere protrude farther out than normal. The correct pair of shoes can even help create an air of confidence due to the fact that they make the woman taller than normal and tend to attract more attention to her.

Sexy sho...

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Buying Cheap Designer Clothes Online

Fashion Model SilhouetteWhat does it take to dress well? Having lots of money? Well, that helps but most of all it takes organization, knowing yourself and your body and taking the time to get it right. Being well dressed is not about wearing the latest fashions; it is about knowing yourself and the styles that look best on you regardless of the latest trends. Keeping up with the latest trends is not only time consuming and costly but hard work.

The boom in online shopping comes as the traditional High Street had a mixed experience over the Christmas period.

While many companies, such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco, enjoyed excellent sales, others such as Next, Body Shop and HMV had a tough time.

HMV and fellow music retailer MVC have also complained about the impact of online sales on their businesses.

IMRG chief ...

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